Who is Rocka’s?

As a Rockabilly girl I have had a soft spot for quite some time for images of Pin-up-Girls, vintage design and leather jackets. Many years ago, flight jackets were already quite popular in the Rock’n’Roll scene, like the leather flight jackets A2, G1 and I-S-674-M-S. But there were hardly any seen with Nose-Art paintings. As there was no one around who did those I decided to give it a go myself.

The first design I did was “Sweet Innocence”. As more and more requests came in I also did custom-painting art to jackets for other people, which by that time I had specialized in doing.

Then I discovered canvas as an alternative surface on which to paint, and also enjoy this form of creativity. You will regularly find updates on my new projects here. See for yourself!


Press about Rocka’s

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