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You want to customize your leather or flight jacket with an individual, one-of-a-kind painting?

I do flight jacket paintings, biker jacket paintings and leather jacket paintings of different kind. Got your jacket already? If not, I maybe have a suitable flight- or motorcycle jacket like A2, G-1, Schott Perfecto’s, IS-674-MS to try. These jackets are in a supurb used condition and “ready to wear” (cleaned, greased, impregnated, repaired – if that was necessary). I’m also happy to give tips where you can buy a suitable biker or flight jacket.

Ideas for the motif and optional lettering are most welcome.

But I also have ideas and books and we can take these as a base to make a joint decision on what your design should look like. I work with flexible high quality paint, which are easy to maintain and stay put forever. And with paint-brushes, no airbrush. It ages naturally and looks more vintage after a while.

A painted vintage look is also possible.

The price is depending on your design, but definitely affordable! So don’t hesitate to contact me!   As an extra you will find your name and the year it was painted in your jacket. If you want your name in bigger letters stenciled on the jacket lining – I can do this as well. You would rather like a beautiful painting for your wall? I am happy to take your orders.

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